Astrophotography Competition Gathered Primary and Secondary School Students in Serbia

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United Cloud, as part of its education support strategy, joined the project Shoot the Night Sky as a partner, the first competition in astrophotography for students of primary and secondary schools, that gathered more than 1400 students and 200 teachers from Serbia.

Common goals of the development center of United Cloud and the Department of Astronomy at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Mathematics, are to present to the youth the significance of applied science and encourage the opening of the community towards the digital world. Astronomy is a one of fundamental science, however it is leading in the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning in scientific research. It relies on the usage of the latest technology and big data for research which is at the frontiers of human knowledge. Promoting education in these areas is an area in which the research and development center of United Cloud has practical knowledge, since it is applied in the development of products, and can be presented to the youth firsthand.

“With 400 teams that applied from all over Serbia, we are very satisfied with the interest caused by the competition. The main motto of the competition in astrophotography with mobile devices is that anyone can take an impressive photo of a night sky,  without expensive equipment, with appropriate knowledge and training, and we are excited to see the first results. We are especially thankful to the research and development center of United Cloud that joined the implementation of the competition, as someone who recognizes the education of the youth with the purpose of promoting science and empowering the culture of participation”

said Dr. Dragana Ilić, Professor at the Faculty of Mathematics of the University of Belgrade, part of the National Committed for Astronomy Education at the International Astronomy Union, the main organizer of the competition.

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Astrophotography entails taking photos of the night sky and celestial bodies such as planets, stars, mists, and galaxies. This competition is special since it does not require special equipment, it shall accept only astrophotography made using mobile phones or tablets.

After training, teams of students will work on the night sky imaging, under the supervision of their school teachers, while the finalists will be announced in February 2023.

The competition is supported by the Society of Astronomers of Serbia, University of Belgrade – Faculty of Mathematics, Astronomical Observatory of Belgrade, Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Science and Arts, and United Cloud, a private sector partner.

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